CONDUSAL is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing, of copper, aluminum and bimetals conductors, providing solutions to electrical distribution for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Since CONDUSAL’s beginnings, we have had a philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement, we offer electrical conductors that meet the highest quality standards and also are environmentally friendly.

CONDUSAL was born as a reliable alternative in the manufacturing of copper electrical conductors for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. With time, we have increased our array of copper products, and since 1998 we started the production line of aluminum conductors, which made us the only Central American manufacturer with both production lines under the same roof.

In order to follow our vision, to provide innovative solutions to our clients, we started to develop our CCA (Copper–Clad Aluminum) production line, which  complements our array of products to cater more needs of our clients.

“To provide products that meet the international standards regarding quality, quantity, and the delivery time that our clients request, demand and deserve.”

“To become the leading supplier of electrical conductors in Central America and the Caribbean, providing innovative solutions to strengthen the success of our customers”.

“To manufacture electrical conductors that comply with the reference standards, with the commitment of our personnel to satisfy our clients, continuous improvement and the protection of the environment.”

Quality has always been present in our products and we strongly believe this is not negotiable; it must be there! The fact of branding Salvadoran products with the UL mark confirms our quality philosophy.

We have the following internal policies to diminish the impact on the environment:

  • We use PVC compounds that are environmentally friendly, that do not contain heavy metals in their formulation.
  • Recycling of materials
  • Awareness campaigns on energy savings