Service Entrance Cable Unarmored or U-shaped

Description: conductors constructed of one or two phase conductors of copper, aluminum or CCA, type XHHW-2 or THHN. They are assembled with a non insulated neutral conductor applied helically over the insulated conductors. Cable assembly is covered with a reinforcement tape and the complete construction is jacketed with sunlight resistant gray polyvinyl chloride, LLDPE or XLPE.

Applications: As service entrance conductor,   primarily used to convey power from the service drop to the meter base and from the meter base to the distribution panel board. Also it can be used in branched circuits.

Specifications: Its PVC jacket is of electrical degree, it is non-toxic and moisture, oil and abrasion resistant. It does not convey flames. Its XLPE insulation does not convey flame; it provides greater mechanical, moisture, oil, and chemical agents resistance.  Its black pigmentation is resistant to sunlight UV exposure; thereby, it might be installed in outside applications. The configuration can be round for one phase conductor and neutral, or flat for two phase conductors and neutral. .

Neutral: Bare copper wires applied helically over the insulated phase conductors.

Binding Tape: Polyester tape over the cable assembly. 

Standards: They are manufactured according ASTM B3, B8 and specifications UL 44, UL 83, UL 854 and UL 1581 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature:  90°C in dry and damp locations.

Maximum Operation Voltage: 600 Volts