Description: conductors constructed by annealed copper bunch stranded conductors.  They are covered by PVC insulation. Due to its special stranding   it is a very flexible conductor.

Applications: They are used to operate as conducting elements at arc welding electric machines with AC or DC applications. They are also used to bear high current for short periods.  They can be used in other industrial applications under continuous charge conditions; as power extension, in continuous load conditions like mobile motors, feeding machinery and substations, as long as a good connection is made in the terminals.

Specifications: Its PVC insulation provides high flexibility. It is resistant to moisture, oil, chemical agents and sparks. It is environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals. It is highly resistant to flame, abrasion and friction. Its black pigmentation is resistant to sunlight UV exposure, thereby, it might be installed in outside applications.

Standards: They are manufactured according ASTM B3 and B172, and specifications NEMA WC-3 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature:  105ºC in the conductor in dry or damp locations

Maximum Operation Voltage: 600 volts.