Description: conductors constructed by annealed copper conductors, which are concentric or bunch stranded. The circuit conductors have thermoplastic PVC insulation and a Nylon jacket. Additionally, the entire assembly is protected by a black thermoplastic PVC jacket.

Applications: To be used in switchgears industrial control panels and circuits, primary installations in trays, ducts and outdoor locations using messenger cables, etc.

Specifications: The jacket is PVC of electrical degree, non-toxic, abrasion resistant, moisture resistant, flame retardant, oil resistant, thermal stabilizers and it does not diffuse flame, it contains plasticizer additives; also it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals. Also, due to the black jacket, it is resistant to sunlight UV exposure which makes it suitable for outdoor or submerged installations.

Standards: They are manufactured according ASTM B3, B174, and UL 1277 and UL 1581 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature:  60ºC.

Maximum Operation Voltage: 600 Volts.