Description: conductors constructed by annealed copper wires bunch stranded with PVC insulation.

Applications: Used in automobile low tension electrical systems, in feeding illumination, control and signaling systems. Also used in the wiring of low voltage circuits, in control and signaling panels.

Specifications: They are manufactured with annealed copper wires bunch stranded, type ASTM J or K. They do not diffuse flame due to their PVC insulation. It is resistant to high temperatures, and it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals.

Standards: They are manufactured using SAE J-1128 and SAE J-1560 and ASTM Standards B3 and B174 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature: 105°C in dry locations and 90°C in damp locations.

Maximum Operation Voltage: 60 volts C.D. (125 volts C.A.)