Parallel Cord, Thermoplastic Insulated

Description: conductors constructed by two flexible cords of annealed copper strands. The two parallel cords are insulated with PVC. Insulated Conductors are duplexed in a flat construction to promote easy tear-down during installation.

Applications: Used for feeding power to electrical appliances for residential and commercial purposes. Also used in household extension cords, connection of sound systems and other similar applications.

Specifications: They are manufactured with annealed copper conductors that are bunch stranded, type ASTM J or K. PVC used as insulation is of electrical degree, , non-toxic, abrasion resistant, moisture resistant, oil resistant, and flame retardant, it contains plasticizers  additives, thermal stabilizers and it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals.

Standards: They are manufactured according ASTM B3, B174, and the UL 62 and UL 1581 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature:  60°C

Maximum Operation Voltage: 125 Volts AC or 300