Thermoplastic Insulation, Fixture Wire

Thermoplastic Insulation, Flexible Fixture Wire

Thermoplastic Insulation, Fixture Wire, Nylon Jacket

Thermoplastic Insulation, Flexible Fixture Wire, Nylon Jacket

Description: TF conductors are constructed by annealed copper wire covered with PVC insulation; TFF conductors are constructed by bunch stranding, which makes them more flexible, they are covered with PVC insulation. TFN and TFFN also have a nylon jacketing.

Applications: Used for internal wiring installations in lamps, panels or similar equipment where they are protected and are not subject to folds or twist when they are used. They should be used in low energy consumption systems. Its reduced diameter allows optimal usage in ducts or locations where it is installed.

Specifications: Insulated with PVC of electrical degree, non-toxic, abrasion resistant, moisture resistant, oil resistant, gasoline resistant and flame retardant, and it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals. Also, the TFN and TFFN are protected by a nylon jacket that provides mechanical protection and resistance to chemical substances and greater resistance to abrasion.

Standards: They are manufactured according ASTM B3 and B174, and the UL 62 and UL 1581 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature:

For TF / TFF: 60ºC in dry or damp locations.

For TFN / TFFN: 90ºC in dry or damp locations and 75ºC in damp locations.

Maximum Operation Voltage: 600 volts AC.