Description: AAC or ACSR conductors covered with LLDPE or XLPE as mechanical and weather protection.

Applications: They are used in the distribution of electrical energy at low voltages in overhead lines, in urban or wooded areas. The conductors are covered with polyethylene without additional suspension (line cables); their main application is in the overhead secondary distribution lines, urban lines and highly polluted environments.

Specifications: Polyethylene has high dielectric strength and chemical agents resistance. Also it has excellent mechanical resistance. Its black pigmentation is resistant to sunlight UV exposure; therefore, it might be installed in outside applications.

Standards: They are manufactured according ASTM B230, ASTM B231, ASTM B232, ASTM B498 y ANSI/ICEA S-70-547-2000 standards.

Maximum Operation temperature: 75°C for LLDPE insulation and 90°C for XLPE insulation

Maximum Operation Voltage: 600 Volts.