Cross-Linked Insulation, Heat Resistant, High Temperature, Wet Resistant

DESCRIPTION: Solid or Concentric stranded conductors of annealed CCA insulated with XLPE.

APPLICATIONS: To be used in commercial, residential and industrial energy distribution installations in low tension. They can be used in illumination and energy circuit wiring, and in panel connections. Due to their effective response to the short-circuit charge, they are used at the entrance of underground raceways. They can also be used in metal and plastic tubing or in a bank of ducts.

They have the same XHH/XHHW-2 Copper conductors applications.

SPECIFICATIONS: Its XLPE insulation does not diffuse flame; it provides greater mechanical, moisture, oil, and chemical agent resistance. Its black pigmentation is resistant to sunlight UV exposure. They comply with Flame resistance VW-1 test.

STANDARDS: They are manufactured according to ASTM B566, UL-44 and UL-1581 standards.

Maximum operating temperature:  90°C in dry or damp locations.

Maximum Operation Voltage: 600 volts.