Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable

Description: Conductors constructed by two or three THHN CCA conductors. Over the two or three parallel conductors there is PVC jacket in order to constitute an easy to manage conductor at the moment of installation which provides a better mechanical protection.

Applications: NM-B cable is used in residential wiring, as branch circuits for outlets, switches, lighting, and other residential loads. It may be used for wall installations, feeding motors, water pumps, tanks, air conditioning feeding devices, etc

The combination of these two metals make it uniquely suited to many electrical applications where weight to conductivity issues are important.

Specifications: Each THHN conductor is individually insulated in three different colors according to the National Electrical Code. PVC used as insulation is of electrical degree, non-toxic, abrasion resistant, moisture resistant, oil resistant, and flame retardant, it contains plasticizers additives, thermal stabilizers and it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals.

Standards: They are manufactured according to ASTM B3, ASTM B8, UL 83, UL 719 and UL 1581 standards.

Advantages:  It provides identical connectivity as the copper conductors. It is a low cost alternative compared to its equivalent in copper. It is lighter than copper, and it has less friction when installing. It provides high flexibility and mechanical resistance. It is easy to install, and is corrosion resistant. It does not have scrap value in case it is stolen.